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This section provides you with data that will accelerate the development or price calculation of your sales stand.

The quickest sales stand development and price calculation require information on your product application and your precise requirements. We will appreciate your responses to the following items.


Dimensions, weight, and number of products which are to be inserted into your stand, or their specific locations. Ideally, we would like to have samples of all your products.


Height limitation, layout dimension limitation (e.g., quarter pallet, half pallet, etc.), specific firm dimension (e.g., spacing between shelves, attachment to a current metal structure, etc.).


For example, shelf stand, products on hooks, no shelves, etc. If you do not know a suitable stand type, please provide the maximum possible amount of information on your requirements for its shape and function.


  • Specific requirement for stand shape, e.g., promoted product shape, etc.

  • The number of stand storeys, distribution of products on the storeys (loading limits of the individual shelves).

  • Goods accessible from the front or from multiple sides?

  • Is your stand going to stand on a pallet, on the ground, or on a counter?

  • (Stand height, must be attached to the pallet, waterproofing layer under the stand)

  • Is your stand to feature fixed shelves or are its upper storeys going to be discarded upon emptying?

  • (Lower shelf goods may support the next shelf)

  • Top card or any other replaceable decorations?

  • Stand assembly complexity (stand assembly complexity does not matter at a warehouse; however, it does at a store).


Stand cost: Luxury versus economical stand.
(Structure, design, and other differences.)
Expected number of units.
(In the case of lower costs, different structures and materials are used)
Will you transport your stand filled with products or will you fill it only at the store?
(Need for transportation stiffeners and inserts)
Universality, e.g., use for multiple product types, use of some stand components in other stands (common bases, other types of shelves, etc.), only decorations replaced while preserving the current stand.