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  • Bigboard, billboard, smartboard, CLV, Contravision, One Way Vision, clip frames, eye application, snap closure application, panelling, cut graphics, solvent inks, UV inks, water-based inks


Outdoor advertising area with dimensions of 9.6 × 3.6 m or 8.2 × 3.0 m.


Outdoor advertising area of which the dimensions are usually 5.1 × 2.4 m.


Outdoor advertising area of which the dimensions are 6 × 3 m.


City Light Vitrines – Illuminated vitrines with promotional posters. They represent a favourite solution for
outdoor advertising in busy locations of large cities.

Contravision / One way vision

Special transparent stickers with a gently perforated surface. They are applied to transparent materials, most often to windows of cars and public transportation means, shop windows, etc.


Snap-in frames with a great spectrum of sizes and profiles offer the possibility of easy placement and simple replacement of posters. Clip frames are supplied in both the interior and exterior versions.

Eye Application, Snap Closure Application

Application of eyes for simple banner attachment to a surface or frame.


Final format is divided into meter-length straps for easier application.

Cut Graphics

Letters and shapes cut out of colour foils that are glued to advertising media, most frequently cars and shop windows.

Solvent Inks

Wide-format print inks based on solvent containing pigments and dyes. They are used for printing on a wide spectrum of materials. Once they dry, they are water- and UV radiation-resistant, which makes them great for exterior applications. The durability of prints completed with these inks exceeds three years.

UV Inks

Wide-format print inks, which do not dry through solvent evaporation. Instead, they are cured through polymerization initiated by UV radiation. Their benefit lies in their high saturation and resistance to UV radiation, water, chemicals, and environmental impacts. They are used mostly for exterior applications.

Water-Based Inks

Water-based wide-format print inks, which are water soluble and feature low resistance to water and UV radiation. They are used mostly for interior applications.

Mesh Material

Mesh is a net, which is lighter than classical banners. Since it is perforated, it features a lower air drag, and it is partially transparent as well. It is used primarily for building facades or fences, but it is also suitable for advertising purposes, e.g. at tennis courts, where advertising is applied to viewing screens. Mesh is PVC material glued to paper, featuring one-sided print.


Kapa is a sandwich plate with a polyurethane core between two white cartons reinforced with a stabilizing aluminium layer or two thin plastic boards. It is printed directly through UV digital technologies or printed foil lining.

Use: Supporting plate for digital print. It is used primarily for applications requiring light and strong materials. It is used for wall image printing, hanging decorations attached to ceilings, boards with supporting legs, photowalls, media panels, or shaped manikins.