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  • Glossary of typographic terms

  • Selection of typographic rules


The descender includes an imaginary system of horizontal lines. Experts call them lines. These lines are important for font creation. They determine the font height proportions and accent (diacritic) locations.

The descender layout places a specific character on the font. That is why every font features a different descender.

Font Design

The font design is a drawing variant of the basic font type. It is used to highlight a word or longer text as well. This is, for example, bold font or italics.

Font Family

The font family is a group of designs derived from one font type. The use of a single font family guarantees a uniform typesetting appearance.

A complete typeface family contains the basic font and its highlighted versions – both upright font and italics. One family of fonts feature common drawing properties, an identical mean height, and capital letter heights, including the length of upper and lower ends.


The ductus is the font stroke thickness, and it is a critical font drawing sign. The ductus is expressed as the ratio between the font stroke thickness and the height. It affects the font’s distinctiveness and legibility.

Font Types

Typescript (monospace)
Handwriting (script)
Symbol (dingbat)

Font Types

Lower case text (minuscules) – Small letters
Small capitals – Capital letters with a medium font height (lower case letter height)
Upper case letters (upper case) – Capital letters
Upper and lower index


  • This means the letter stroke cross end (foot).

  • Letter grade/size

  • It is specified in the typographic points.

Font Size

This is a letter leg dimension in points. The name comes from metal typesetting, when metal prisms with letters were used for printing. Therefore, the size is the size of the font relief “prism” upper edge (sometime with an accent as well). Therefore, the specified size does not match the actual font symbol’s height. Therefore, the specified size is used as the synonym for the font size grade.

Medium Font Heigh

The small alphabet font size, not exceeding the baseline and mean line.